Welcome! Welcome, readers– one and all!

The name’s Solomiya. There it is. You’ve read one line on this blog and, already, there’s trouble. Maybe you should just leave now before it gets any more difficult…  For those of you who decided to stay– Thank you. I truly appreciate it. Really. It’s pronounced “solo” and then “me-yah”. See? Not as difficult as you would think. I love to read, and dabble in writing. Books are my air. I keep a few books on my bedside table just to keep me sane. Oh, and I’m a tea-holic.

I started this blog because I wanted to get into writing. And what better way to get feedback quickly and efficiently than by putting my thoughts online. So, read to your heart’s content, but, please, remember that these ramblings are my thoughts. And most of these thoughts are invariably connected to a girl who (in Hermione Granger’s words) does not “have the emotional range of a teaspoon” (thank you J.K. Rowling).

Happy reading!


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